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    Shock Mounts

    Image of Shock Mounts
    Image of Shock Mounts Image of Shock Mounts
    Set of 8 Shock Mounts
    Available with metric or UNC fixings.

    Comes with all the necessary mounting accessories (screws, washers and bolts).

    Metric Fixings

    Part No.FixingsLoad RatingWeight
    R8860/50Metric Fixings50kg/110.23lb0.24kg/0.52lb
    R8860/90Metric Fixings90kg/198.42lb0.24kg/0.53lb
    R8860/200Metric Fixings200kg/440.92lb0.3kg/0.66lb

    UNC Fixings

    Part No.FixingsLoad RatingWeight
    R8870/100UNC Fixings100lb / 45kg0.3kg/0.66lb
    R8870/200UNC Fixings200lb / 90kg0.3kg/0.66lb
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