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  • R8400/R8500 Doors

    Image of R8400/R8500 Doors
    Image of R8400/R8500 Doors Image of R8400/R8500 Doors
    Polycarbonate or Perforated Steel Doors for R8400 and R8500 Flat Pack Rack Systems.

    Also available in Grey: R8450/XXG (replace XX with Size. 6U - 35U)

    Material: Steel / Polycarbonate


    Part No.FinishSizeWeight
    R8450/06 Shopping CartBlack6U3.2kg/7.05lb
    R8450/08 Shopping CartBlack8U4kg/8.82lb
    R8450/10 Shopping CartBlack10U4.15kg/9.15lb
    R8450/12 Shopping CartBlack12U4.3kg/9.48lb
    R8450/16 Shopping CartBlack16U4.8kg/10.58lb
    R8450/20 Shopping CartBlack20U5.2kg/11.46lb
    R8450/24 Shopping CartBlack24U6.2kg/13.67lb
    R8450/28 Shopping CartBlack28U7.28kg/16.05lb
    R8450/35 Shopping CartBlack35U18.6kg/41.01lb

    Perforated Steel Doors

    Part No.FinishSizeWeight
    R8460/08 Shopping CartBlack8U4kg/8.82lb
    R8460/10 Shopping CartBlack10U4.5kg/9.92lb
    R8460/12 Shopping CartBlack12U5kg/11.02lb
    R8460/16 Shopping CartBlack16U5.5kg/12.13lb
    R8460/20 Shopping CartBlack20U6.5kg/14.33lb
    R8460/24 Shopping CartBlack24U7.5kg/16.53lb
    R8460/28 Shopping CartBlack28U15.75kg/34.72lb
    R8460/35 Shopping CartBlack35U19.68kg/43.39lb
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