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  • R4006 600mm / 24" Wide, Metric Threaded Rack Tower

    Image of R4006
    Image of R4006 Image of R4006
    600mm / 23.62" Wide Rack Tower, with M6 Threaded Rail. With Lockable Shatterproof Polycarbonate Front Door & Lockable Plain back Door.

    Available Depths: 600mm / 23.62", 800mm / 31.5" and 1m / 39"
    Available Heights: From 6U to 47U
    Available Front Doors: Shatterproof Polycarbonate, Plain Steel or Vented Steel

    - Simple assembly
    - Adjustable Threaded Rack Rails
    - Integral cable trays
    - Optional Side Door locks
    - Earth Points and Gangable
    - Can be built as open, sides only or closed tower versions
    - 4 x W0950 Castor/Foot Included

    Custom Sizes & Colours Available.

    For 600mm / 24" deep enclosures, use rack shelf support R8840-16
    For 800mm / 32" deep enclosures, use rack shelf support R8840-24
    For 1000mm / 40" deep enclosures, use rack shelf support R8840-32

    Material: Steel

    600mm x 600mm / 24" x 24" - Glass Door

    Part No.FinishSize (U)HeightWeight
    R4066-18UK Shopping CartBlack18U NEW! 902mm / 35.51"55kg/121.25lb
    R4066-22UK Shopping CartBlack22U1.08m / 43"62kg/136.69lb
    R4066-32UK Shopping CartBlack32U1.52m / 60"76kg/167.55lb
    R4066-37UK Shopping CartBlack37U1.75m / 69"83kg/182.98lb
    R4066-42UK Shopping CartBlack42U1.97m / 77"90kg/198.42lb
    R4066-47UK Shopping CartBlack47U2.19m / 86"97kg/213.85lb

    600mm x 600mm / 24" x 24" - Vented Door

    Part No.FinishSize (U)HeightWeight
    R4066-V-18UK Shopping CartBlack18U NEW! 902mm / 35.51"55kg/121.25lb
    R4066-V-22UK Shopping CartBlack22U1.08m / 43"61kg/134.48lb
    R4066-V-32UK Shopping CartBlack32U1.52m / 60"75kg/165.35lb
    R4066-V-37UK Shopping CartBlack37U1.75m / 69"82kg/180.78lb
    R4066-V-42UK Shopping CartBlack42U1.97m / 77"88kg/194.01lb
    R4066-V-47UK Shopping CartBlack47U2.19m / 86"95kg/209.44lb

    600mm x 800mm / 24" x 32" - Glass Door

    Part No.FinishSize (U)HeightWeight
    R4086-22UK Shopping CartBlack22U1.08m / 43"68kg/149.91lb
    R4086-32UK Shopping CartBlack32U1.52m / 60"88kg/194.01lb
    R4086-37UK Shopping CartBlack37U1.75m / 69"98kg/216.05lb
    R4086-42UK Shopping CartBlack42U1.97m / 77"108kg/238.1lb
    R4086-47UK Shopping CartBlack47U2.19m / 86"118kg/260.15lb

    600mm x 800mm / 24" x 32" - Vented Door

    Part No.FinishSize (U)HeightWeight
    R4086-V-22UK Shopping CartBlack22U1.08m / 43"67kg/147.71lb
    R4086-V-32UK Shopping CartBlack32U1.52m / 60"87kg/191.8lb
    R4086-V-37UK Shopping CartBlack37U1.75m / 69"97kg/213.85lb
    R4086-V-42UK Shopping CartBlack42U1.97m / 77"106kg/233.69lb
    R4086-V-47UK Shopping CartBlack47U2.19m / 86"116kg/255.74lb

    600mm x 1000mm / 24" x 40" - Glass Door

    Part No.FinishSize (U)HeightWeight
    R4106-22UK Shopping CartBlack22U1.08m / 43"75kg/165.35lb
    R4106-32UK Shopping CartBlack32U1.52m / 60"100kg/220.46lb
    R4106-37UK Shopping CartBlack37U1.75m / 69"112kg/246.92lb
    R4106-42UK Shopping CartBlack42U1.97m / 77"125kg/275.58lb
    R4106-47UK Shopping CartBlack47U2.19m / 86"140kg/308.65lb

    600mm x 1000mm / 24" x 40" - Vented Door

    Part No.FinishSize (U)HeightWeight
    R4106-V-22UK Shopping CartBlack22U1.08m / 43"74kg/163.14lb
    R4106-V-32UK Shopping CartBlack32U1.52m / 60"99kg/218.26lb
    R4106-V-37UK Shopping CartBlack37U1.75m / 69"111kg/244.71lb
    R4106-V-42UK Shopping CartBlack42U1.97m / 77"123kg/271.17lb
    R4106-V-47UK Shopping CartBlack47U2.19m / 86"138kg/304.24lb

    Doors & Accessories

    Part No.FinishDescriptionWeight
    R4006-BGD-xxUKBlackGlass Door, Replace xx with U size
    R4006-VFD-xxUKBlackPerforated Steel Door, Replace xx with U size
    R4006-PFD-xxUKBlackPlain Steel Door, Replace xx with U size
    R8295 Shopping CartSet of 4 Adjuster Feet with M12 thread. Adds from 30mm / 1.18" (min) to 95mm / 3.74" (max)50g/0.11lb
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