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    R2350 Stage Box

    Image of R2350
    Image of R2350 Image of R2350
    Stage Box punched for Neutrik D-Series Connectors (XLR, Speakon, RJ45, etc.)

    Can be fitted with a Multi-Pin Connector or a Cable Gland (with R2350-CG Adaptor Plate).

    Black Powder Coated.
    Material: 1.5mm / 16 gauge Steel
    Part No.DescriptionConnectorCable GlandLength (L)Height (H)Width (W)Weight
    R2350-08 Shopping Cart8 Hole25 PinM20130mm / 5.12"90mm / 3.54"153mm / 6.02"1.08kg/2.37lb
    R2350-12 Shopping Cart12 Hole37 PinM25174mm / 6.85"90mm / 3.54"153mm / 6.02"1.4kg/3.09lb
    R2350-16 Shopping Cart16 Hole54 PinM32218mm / 8.58"105mm / 4.13"153mm / 6.02"1.74kg/3.84lb
    R2350-20 Shopping Cart20 Hole85 PinM40262mm / 10.31"105mm / 4.13"153mm / 6.02"2kg/4.41lb
    R2350-24 Shopping Cart24 Hole85 PinM40306mm / 12.05"105mm / 4.13"153mm / 6.02"1.97kg/4.35lb
    R2350-28 Shopping Cart28 Hole85 PinM40350mm / 13.78"105mm / 4.13"153mm / 6.02"2.16kg/4.77lb
    R2350-32 Shopping Cart32 Hole150 PinM40394mm / 15.51"105mm / 4.13"153mm / 6.02"2.5kg/5.51lb
    R2350-36 Shopping Cart36 Hole150 PinM40438mm / 17.24"105mm / 4.13"153mm / 6.02"2.97kg/6.55lb
    R2350-40 Shopping Cart40 Hole150 PinM40394mm / 15.51"105mm / 4.13"188mm / 7.4"3kg/6.61lb
    R2350-48 Shopping Cart48 Hole150 PinM50394mm / 15.51"105mm / 4.13"223mm / 8.78"2.93kg/6.45lb
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