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    C1351-STACK NEW!

    Image of C1351-STACK
    Image of C1351-STACK Image of C1351-STACK Image of C1351-STACK
    Large Ball Corner with new interlocking cut-outs. Enables cases to stack and lock without slippage.Also available C7082-STACK medium flat corner.

    30mm / 1.18" Offset

    3 Mounting Holes

    Internal Radius: 1.5mm / 1/16"

    Additionally, the new L3000-7 case stacking latch allows to lockdown stacked cases, making it impossible for them to separate when moved around. This new system works perfectly with the new C1351-STACK large ball corner with new interlocking cut-outs and makes handling and storing large amounts of case much easier.

    Material: 1.5mm / 16 gauge Steel
    Part No.FinishDescriptionStackableOffsetWeight
    C1351-STACKPennBrite™Large Ball cornerInterlocking cut-outs30mm / 1.18"69g/0.15lb
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