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    Image of CoolRaC
    Image of CoolRaC Image of CoolRaC
    This is a very quiet 1U Hot Air Extraction Unit, which uses 3 miniature blowers to expel heat from any 19” equipment racks.

    Behind the 1U Escutcheon, the ergonomic 0.5U space design allows for the CoolRaC to be placed in between layers of equipment to pull heat directly away from the gear.

    Technical Specifications
    • Low Noise: 22.3dBA (Ideal for Studio Racks & Churches)
    • Power: 12V DC - 420mA
    • Air movement: 120 CFM
    • 1A Universal PSU included.
    •Black Powder Coated
    • 1mm Steel Construction

    Available accessories:
    This CoolRaC can be controlled by our CRC-TEMP Standard Fixed 40°C (104°F) thermal sensor.
    Or it can be Digitally Controlled with our FT-DTC 1U Rack Mounting Thermostatic Controller.
    DC link cable: CRC-Link


    Part No.FinishDescriptionWeight
    1U Hot Air Extraction Unit1.83kg/4.03lb
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